Combonation Dinners And Live Seafood

For one or more
Soup: Wonton Soup- A Chinese Favorite
Appetizers: Egg Roll, Crispy Wonton,Chicken Nuggets
Entree: Select One, Served With Steamed Rice
Dessert: Fresh Fruit, Almond And Fortune Cookie, Tea
$ 17.95 ( Per Person Select One)
Crunchy Almond Chicken,
Tender Beef, Fresh Broccoli
 Chicken & Vegetable On Crispy Noodles
Sweet And Sour Succlent Chicken
Szechwan Beef Slightly Spicy
Chicken & Vegetable Egg Foo Young 
$19.95  ( Per Person Select One)
Jumbo Shrimp With Lobster Sauce
Chicken Snow Peas & Fresh Mushroom
Kung Pao Beef, Mildly Spicy Chili Sauce
Sliced Tender Beef With Snow Peas
Chicken, Szechwan Black Bean Sauce
Shrimp With Fresh vegetable